Have you ever felt afraid or discouraged? Ever felt like you couldn't get away from all the things pressing on you, some from within, many from without? There was a time in the life of David when it seemed to be more than he could bear, but rather than tossing in the towel,

David fled to Engedi

With those thoughts in mind, we chose the name "Engedi" (we pronounce it "in-GEH-dee") for the upcoming assembly Bible conference for college and career young people 18 and up. Engedi '18 will be hosted by the saints at FreeWay Bible Chapel (and some other Texas assemblies) at a camp facility in Denton, Texas (Camp Copass) on August 10-12. Whether you are facing another fully loaded semester or the daily stress of your work routine, come receive spiritual refreshment through a weekend of fellowship, community, and sound biblical teaching.

We are excited about what the Lord is going to do in and through each one of us this year during this "refuge" time. The primary speaker this year will be David Reeve. You can find out more about the speaker (as well as past Engedi messages) on the Speakers page.

We look forward to meeting each of you and enjoying getting to know you for His glory!